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Ruby On Rails (ROR)

Ruby on rails also known as ROR is an open source web application framework. ROR has a strong Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.

This language makes web designing simple, enabling the user to easily get started. When compared to other languages and frameworks, Ruby On Rails will make web application development easier and more efficient. Before, creating web based designs and applications was a cumbersome task that used to take up several months, now ROR has become the best tool a developer can ask for. ROR uses convention over configuration, to develop database driven applications. It has completely transformed the industry of IT, because with its assistance you can now develop web based applications in just a few days.

About ROR –

It was David Heinemeier Hansson who built the original framework for Ruby On Rails. When you compare Ruby On Rails with other web applications, you can see a significant rise in your productivity. After you experience ROR, no other application will satisfy your needs, and the reason for its popularity is due to its simple application and enormous power.

Here are some of the advantages of Ruby On Rails –

  • One of the biggest advantages that Ruby On Rails possesses over other applications is time. Within a short period of time, Ruby On Rails can help you create powerful applications. The time taken between making changes in the codes, and seeing a change in the web site is very short.
  • Even though Ruby On Rails is simple, it still enables you to work on complex programs. So, while you get to use fewer codes, you can still perform a variety of operations.
  • Applications made by using Ruby On Rails are very easy to maintain. Ruby On Rails will help you edit, delete and add information easily and with minimal coding.
  • A Ruby gem is a plug-in that enhances the functionality of the Ruby On Rails framework. You can easily find it on the web. It is usually used for Ruby libraries and applications.
  • Due to fewer codes, you find fewer bugs which ultimately result in faster development.
  • Another big advantage of Ruby On Rails is its simple framework, that makes it a child’s play to understand and install.
  • Ruby On Rails standards work well for a wide variety of web servers and databases. Hence, they are the ideal solution even when you change your projects.

What does Openwave offer?

Openwave has a highly experienced Ruby-on-Rails team, whose expertise includes Ruby On Rails development, design, conversion, GUI design and more. Our Openwave Ruby On Rails team will support and guide you to set up an online service or to simply create an appealing web-site.

We at Openwave know how to make you benefit from Ruby On Rails’s highly flexible MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. And we will be able to fit all your requirements. Be it even the most demanding web based projects, such as Social networking, E-commerce, CMS or Community Networking, we have the knowledge and resources to aid you.

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