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12 Easy Tricks to Maintain Sales Momentum after the Holiday Rush

After the yearly holiday season shopping rush is over, many businesses experience a slump in activity – and revenue generation – weeks into January. If you have spent a lot of time and effort on building a marketing campaign for the holiday season, you can target your holiday shoppers and get them to buy from you again post-holidays.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips to help you avoid a post-holiday activity slump:

Give Them a Discount Coupon for January

A discount coupon offered on a purchase made in December that expires in Jan will make them likely to buy from you.

Keep Your Campaign Active

Customers tend to get a lot of gifts and money for Christmas, which they may use to make purchases on your store later if you keep your holiday campaign active.

Send a Thank-You Email

Show your gratitude to shoppers by sending an email with exclusive offers and targeted deals that expire in a few weeks.

Hold a Post-Holiday Contest

A post-holiday game that offers something to everyone who enters (like discounts on shipping) and a grand prize will generate big buzz.

Target “This Is A Gift” Shoppers

Provide interest products or services to buyers that bought for someone else so that they can give them a related gift on their birthday.

Abandoned Shopping Carts Are Gold

If you can manage to get the email address belong to abandoned cart owners, you can tantalise them with exclusive discounts on what they were viewing.

Make Irresistible Offers

Did something not sell well during Christmas? Offer it for free with another product in Jan! Make compelling offers to keep them coming back.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Provide a discount to your Facebook and Twitter followers in Jan. It often works better than a flash sale or promotions.

Remarketing is Useful

Promote complimentary products to customers that bought from you. The goal is to target PPC visitors and existing shoppers to get them to come back.

Release a New Product

Offer up a new service or product in January and start the New Year on a high note. It will generate excitement among your clients.

Mobile Shoppers Are Crucial

You can make a lot of money from on-the-go customers with offering great deals and discounts and getting them to buy impulsively from you.

International Dates Matter

Customers from around the world celebrate different holidays and events. Keep up with important international dates and offer sales on those days.

You can also look into getting a shopping app built and offer promotions and discounts to your mobile-using customers that way. Hire dedicated app developer to build you one at an affordable price.

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