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3 Proven Ways to Make Your Magento Ecommerce Store Holiday Ready

The holiday season is here and businesses are bustling with activity to breathe pace into their sales. With less than a month left until Christmas and New Year, it is high time that your online store is made “Holiday-ready!” This is highly crucial as online shoppers swarm the internet in droves and make high volume purchases. Capitalizing on this seasonal surge is important to boost the earnings of the quarter before the holiday season passes!

Implement the following tips into your eCommerce store and boost your holiday sales:

Redesign Your UI

It is highly crucial to revamp the UI in order to ensure it reflects the festive mood. Magento allows the hosting of high-resolution imagery and graphics. This must be augmented to incorporate Christmas-themed logos and stickers into the UI. It is also important to get the color schematics, themes, and logos aligned with the theme as visuals play a very important role in capturing attention.

Customize Promotions

When it comes to festive promotions, having a one-size-fits-all approach cannot bring out the best results. ECommerce retailers should augment the capabilities of Magento and incorporate analytics into the platform. The information can also be used to segregate the user base and optimize marketing spends, helping them target users with personalized promotions, thus boosting online sales.

Revamp Inventory

It is always wise to plan a revamp based on past performance. Businesses should analyze their inventory and optimize the stocks on the basis of demand and profit margins. The ideal mix of products in the inventory should be a balance between diversity and demand. Having exotic and in-demand products in the lineup can boost the brand image and improve customer loyalty. Also, the deals and discounts offered on products should be variable and based on user preferences.

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