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5 Bitcoin Payment Gateways That Will Work Wonders For Your E-Commerce Business

In 2009, the world was officially introduced to a crypto-currency that would soon hold the potential to change the global economic scenario. Since then Bitcoin has seen its share of ups and downs, yet managed to shoot to the top again. What is it that has made Bitcoin so popular across the continents? Why are more entrepreneurs switching to it?

What is Bitcoin?

It is the most famous crypto-currency that acts as an international payment gateway and was released by Satoshi Nakamoto. It now has exchange rates of as high as 6000 USD.

Why Should I Use Bitcoin?

The fact that more and more e-commerce website owners and business people are switching to this new technology is reason enough to give it a try. Being a crypto-currency, it cannot be regulated by governments. The transactions happen in cyberspace in an encrypted manner, and a lot cheaper. But is this a secure system? A Blockchain technology ensures security by storing the transactions in an un-alterable ledger. At the same time, it is easy to use for purchases across devices. Although subject to market prices, investing in this crypto-currency can maximize your e-commerce profits.

What Are The Main Bitcoin Payment Gateways (BPG)?

Here is a list of 5 amazing BPGs favored by merchants.


Probably the most famous among the entries, Shopify now assists with Bitcoin payment integration. It will now be easier for you to accept crypto-payments for your business website!


Bitpay is your alternative to simpler, secure and cheaper online transactions wherein customers will not have to leave your webpage to make payments.


Apart from usual BPG services, Alfacoins has the added benefit of supporting Litecoin and Ethereum along with 0.99% transaction charges.


GoCoin is the open-source Bitcoin payment processor behind major players. The transaction fee stands at 1%.


Spectrocoin a multi-purpose Bitcoin website, it allows users to obtain Bitcoin debit cards and mobile wallets. Moreover, merchants have the option to carry out transactions in their currency.

When it comes to Bitcoin transactions, finding the right developer becomes important towards successfully managing and investing it. If you are searching for BPG developers in Malaysia, hire the professional services of Openwave. Call now! +60 122 204 278.

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