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5 Emerging Magento Trends That Will Be Prominent In 2018

If you own an online shopping website, odds are you built it using the one platform that everybody seems to be using these days - Magento. Today, Magento is a premier eCommerce development platform enjoying a global audience and owes its popularity to its incredible flexibility and potential for unlimited expansion. 2018 promises to be yet another year where eCommerce development will move forward in strides thanks to new innovations that can be brought about on the Magento platform.

So, what are the ecommerce trends one can look forward to in 2018? Let’s explore:


Chatbots are now poised to take over the entire task of customer handling. From merely running scripts to working off complicated algorithms, they have come a long way. Thanks to Magento’s robust framework, AI-powered Chatbots can be integrated into the eCommerce platform. This helps offer a highly effective mode of customer inquiries and grievance handling - one that is cheaper to operate and is scalable.

Push Notifications

As with mobile apps, now web applications have also incorporated push notifications. This feature which can be activated by customers allows websites to send notifications to both desktops and smartphones. Such functionality serves as a highly effective marketing tool, one that increases the rate of conversion tremendously.


Nowadays, users prefer services that are personalized and are based on their preferences. Magento allows integration with several prominent analytics and machine learning packages. This allows eCommerce businesses to track individual user activity on the website and use the same to learn more about the user’s likes and dislikes.

Social Media Connectivity

Social media is a highly pervasive medium, one that has a great impact on consumers and their behavior. Magento allows developers to integrate social media plugins and enables users to link their profiles to their social accounts. This serves the purpose of learning more about consumer preferences and also using social media as an effective channel for targeted and retargeted marketing.

Live Streaming Video

With live streaming of video now becoming common, Magento now allows live stream features to be incorporated into the website. This allows retailers and merchants to stream videos about their products and promote the same with great effect.

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