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5 Exceptional Frameworks for Developing Business Web Apps

Productivity is one of the most crucial factors that need to be considered while building or running a business in this digitized world. It can be achieved through different means. However, the most impactful activities are those that are done online. Web applications are known to significantly enhance the functions of any business and offer immense value to the customers. The engagement rates tend to skyrocket and along with conversions. While both frontend and backend components are essential considerations of web app development, the backend work is more exhaustive and critical, which means there is a need for good solutions to make the tasks easier and render great quality.

Here are some of the best web app development frameworks which cater to the backend needs!

1) Express.js

Built with the core features of Node.js along with select web app development features, this framework offers a dynamic environment for the developers to efficiently and flexibly work with. If you are concerned about top performance, going with Express.js serves as an ideal choice. It is equipped with a robust routing API which manages all the routing tasks in the app. Also, the expressive documentation enables you to build complex applications with fewer hassles. The availability of an enthusiastic and supportive community is very helpful for amateurs as many tutorials are released by eminent developers.

2) Laravel

Laravel is a PHP based web development framework which is backed by the MVC architecture. It is open source and is used by several developers to build exceptionally powerful web applications. It is packed with an array of strong command line tools which makes the development environment really friendly. A key feature of Laravel is that it offers a wholesome ecosystem with the support for several features. You may make use of packages that are either paid or free to pursue web development. Moreover, by compiling raw PHP code, the template system is able to execute as soon as server requests are made. Laravel is also supported by a huge community.

3) Django

This is another brilliant framework which developers prefer for web and web app development. It is based on the Python language. This is also an open source platform that follows the MVT architecture which promotes reusability of the components involved in the development process. This framework is particularly popular for its clean and practical designs which enable users to smoothly navigate through the content available on the web apps. With a rich database, their customizability is really amazing. Its comprehensive documentation empowers the developers with the knowledge they need to build first-class web apps. Like other frameworks, this one is also supported by a vibrant community of developers.

4) Ruby on Rails

This framework is one of the most developer friendly platform available for web app development. It is built with the Ruby programming language. Deployed on Linux, it offers a superior coding environment which enables easy code compilation as well as testing. By taking advantage of the MVC architecture, developers will be able to concurrently add code for both views and models. With the availability of several useful plugins and third-party integrations, the development process can be enhanced altogether. Also, the detailed documentation comes to the rescue of anyone who needs guidance in any aspect of this framework. It works excellently with a variety of cloud hosting services and renders great compatibility.

5) Flask

This is a lightweight framework which is build using Python. It is highly capable of running web apps without the support of tools or libraries as it integrates with the platforms available in the device. With extensive documentation and support of a large community, Flask paves way for the quick development of robust and high-performing web apps! The tools available by default are enough to immediately start making prototypes. The RESTful request dispatch enables for smooth interoperability. This shows why the framework is so widely adopted by several web app development communities across the globe.


Employing the power of any of these frameworks, you are sure to build flamboyant web apps which significantly contribute to the growth of your business. Each has its own set of perks which will enable you differently. Choosing the right one will help you propel ahead and take your business to the next level!

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