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5 Steps To Build A WordPress Website Ready For Bitcoin Transactions

Ever since the start of 2017, BitCoin has been the hot topic. From crossing the 1000$ mark for the first-time to soaring as high as 20000$ within the same year, BitCoin has enjoyed quite a run. Despite governmental opposition, the cryptocurrency enjoys popularity on the internet with transactions running into billions of dollars. This has made business across the globe open up to the currency and make their eCommerce sites BitCoin compatible. If you are a business that is looking to mine and sell BitCoin to your users; now is the right time to get started – and availing WordPress website development services is the best way to go about it.

The following steps can help you build a crypto-compatible WordPress site:

Select An Appropriate Domain Name

To run a BitCoin crane, you require a registered domain name. Find a domain name that is reflective of your operations and is eye-catchy. This can help you attract attention to the site and gain users. Also, be mindful of the country you are registering your site in. This is important to handle all the legality and security aspects of your site.

Opt For A Good Hosting Site

Every website needs a server from which it can be operated out of. Choosing the right hosting service provider is crucial as any downtime can cost you dearly. Hence, carry out a thorough research and identify a provider who can assure 24X7 backup and zero downtime.

Install WordPress

As you will be running the site out of your desktop, you will have to download the WordPress software onto your system and install it. This provides you with the required tools for website building.

Opt For The Right WordPress Plugin

When operating a site for crypto enthusiasts, the key is to generate traffic. Identify the right plugin that updates information related to BitCoin and other currencies regularly. This can help you draw visitors and boost revenue.

Configure The Plugin

If you have completed the steps mentioned above, all you have to do is install and activate the WordPress plugin. Once this is done you will have to carry out a few changes such as referrals, payout settings, etc. Upon the completion of all these steps, you are good to go!

Building a crypto-compatible site requires expertise and knowledge of leveraging WordPress capabilities and for secure incorporation of payment gateways. Enlist the services of our developers for Bitcoin crypto-currency integration in your website.

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