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5 Ways You Can Wow Users with A Striking New User Interface

Did you know that almost 80% of all website visitors will abandon a website if it isn't optimised to their liking? People have short attention spans in the digital age and are more likely to search for another website if they find the site they’re visiting currently hard to use. It makes sense to optimize your site's user interface to make it easier to use so that you can keep bounce rates to a minimum.

A good user design interface is structured, simple to use, keep all its features in plain sight, be interactive, and also have a consistent design throughout. Here are some tips that will help you improve your UI:

Remove All the Clutter

Your UI should be as clutter-free as possible – make it invisible if you can, and be sure to hide the inner workings from visitors. Label everything clearly and be concise with the language you use to communicate with users. The goal is to allow customers to do tasks in as little time as possible.

Use a Consistent Design

Using GUI and other common elements makes it easy for people without computer programming knowledge to do tasks. Your user interface’s design should be intuitive to grasp. Your website or app should be easy to master through the use of consistent design.

Prioritize When Adding Features to the Page

The most important pieces of information and features about your website should be placed at the top, to promote readability.

Use Color and Textures to Your Advantage

Changes in color should distinguish different types of tasks and functions. Green, for example, can be used to get users to accept or say “Yes” to something.

Talk to Your Visitors

Any changes your visitors make or actions they take on your website or app should provide an interactive feedback. Has a visitor input an incorrect query into a search field? Let him or her know!

The tips we have mentioned here are also relevant to mobile apps and web service apps. If you’re not good with technology, there are some trustworthy web designers in Malaysia you can hire on a short-term basis to do it for you.

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