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7 Features That Must Make Up A B2B Ecommerce Website

If you own an online B2B store, you are familiar with the challenges surrounding it. The needs of a B2C customer are vastly different from the business which you are trying to pull off. That being said, B2B eCommerce website development is a very hot business as many people are entering it. Most of the B2B transactions are conducted on the internet itself and customers are more than happy to continue the trend, thanks to the ease it brings them.

Here are a few features every successful B2B website should have:

Price Game

B2B websites must have personalised pricing, based on the customers.

Shopping Cart Enhancement

Your shopping cart and check out system should be top notch, so people won’t abandon their cart.

Ordering in Bulk

Your website must provide customers with a bulk ordering form so as to make bulk orders easier to place and manage.

Minimum Quantity of Order

B2B eCommerce developers must develop a minimum quantity of goods that the customer must place in order to purchase.

Discounts for Wholesalers

Wholesalers who usually buy goods in bulk must get attractive discounts in order to make the deal sweeter for them.

Access Should be Restricted

Only the specified retailers, or those with whom the site owner has good relations with, should be able to visit the website. This helps in maintaining exclusivity.

Mobile Experience Should be Enhanced

If the B2B customers are using mobile phones to visit your online store, they must have a really good mobile experience. Only then will they visit your store again for a repeat purchase.

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