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A Detailed Overview On The Possibilities That Augmented Reality Offers

With the ever increasing connection between the virtual world and the physical world, transformative concepts like Augmented Reality or AR is helping to close the gap by merging the physical world with the digital world. The merging happens in such a way that it serves to educate, entertain, and most importantly enhance interactions with the entire globe around us.

3 Types Of Augmented Reality Apps

1. Augmented Reality Based on Location – This method makes proper use of the several locations features available at our disposal including GPS, compass, accelerometer, etc.

2. Augmented Reality Based on Marker – This type of AR mainly uses markers like QR codes which trigger the digital overlays further displaying the real world through camera- view.

3. Augmented Reality without Any Marker (Markerless) – AR is quite sophisticated as it involves using certain advanced algorithms in order to augment an image taken from a camera.

Top 3 AR Apps Used For Practical Entertainment

1. WallaMe – This app allows its users to leave several hidden messages which are then spread across the real world. Once you create such a message using the app, their users of the app can read your message and for doing that they are required to point their smartphones or tablets in a particular direction.

2. Pokémon Go – In this gaming app, the users can physically chase digital characters in the game, but through their movement in the real world.

3. Ingress – This game is enforced with the ability to transform the physical world into several virtual territories on which the competing players fight in order to conquer.

Use of AR Apps in Ecommerce and Retail

Although AR is mostly associated with the entertainment industry, since the technology it uses has some powerful practical advantages, hence they are used in other sectors as well just for some digital entertainment. In fact, the retail sector is showing a lot of enthusiasm by preferring online stores that offer AR.

Effects of AR in Other Sectors

Further enhancing shopping experience, AR is being increasingly used by operators to take the store into the home of the consumer by using new technologies like RFID tags and Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons. Also, AR has given life to the otherwise mundane advertising world by allowing several operators to deploy window displays as a part of their interactive campaign.

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