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Follow This Checklist to Get Your eCommerce Website Holiday Ready

Winter is Coming!” No, we’re not talking about Game of Thrones! It’s the month of November and winter is finally here. It is also the start of the Holiday season! With Thanksgiving fast approaching and slightly more than a month till Christmas, it is the time of the year where businesses around the globe are gearing up to increase eCommerce sales for this holiday season! If you are one of the very few who haven’t started your preparations yet, then this would be a good time to give it some serious thought!

Here are few essential tips you can follow to get your business ready for holiday shopping:

1. Focus on Consumer Generated Content (CGC)

Studies show that consumers that interact with CGC such as reviews and rating have a 97% chance of converting into buyers. This makes it important to have enough CGC populated on high demand products and increase the transactions.

2. Make The Product Relatable

By populating the pages with photos of products that actually depict consumers using the product have a better chance of conversion. This is crucial because it helps the consumers visualize using the product and thereby increases the desirability of the product.

3. Optimize Your Product Catalog

While consumers love choice, cataloging an incessant amount of products can have the opposite effect as it could spoil their shopping appetite. The right balance needs to be found and the inventory should be stacked accordingly to boost ecommerce sales.

4. Answer As Many Questions As Possible

The best way to win customer loyalty is to address all their queries and make them feel secure about the delivery of their product. Carrying this out through a dedicated FAQ section and a live chat feature is a great way of boosting trust in the brand.

5. Prepare For Holiday Delivery Demands

The delivery demand during the holiday shopping season increases exponentially. By using automated inventory management, ordering can be streamlined and the delivery process can be prevented from getting clogged. Showing customers that you can deliver on-time despite demand is a great way of showing the prowess of your brand.

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