How Your Telecom Business Can Scale With the Right FSM Tool

What are FSM Tools?

A field service management software is a tool employed to improve the activities performed by an FSM venture, both on and off-field. The backing of a strong tool helps businesses fully capitalize on the opportunities. Typically, field service management would have to be done manually, with someone attending to customer calls and assigning tasks to field technicians through inefficient communication channels. Likewise, on field the workers will have a tough time billing customers and managing resources for jobs. When you have a good FSM software to work with, such hassles are removed, allowing your business to scale seamlessly.

Important Features Every Good FSM Tool Should Have

When it comes to field service management, there are a number of tasks an FSM business would have to carry out, most of which the FSM tool will have to digitize. These are some of the most crucial tasks performed by field management ventures:

  • Task Scheduling & Dispatching
  • Work Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Contract Management
  • Resource Management
  • GPS Tracking
  • Billing and Feedback

The ultimate goal of businesses are trying to achieve through the employment of field service management tools is automation. By automating a majority of the work, they are able to manage more orders, thereby growing in ROI and scaling at a brisk pace.

Integrations like cloud technology allow this tool to be accessed from anywhere, making it globally viable. Likewise, having a dedicated mobile app will be of great benefit to both customers and field technicians, making their lives better.

The Advantages of FSM Tools in the Telecom Space

Telecom companies do the many jobs of installing, repairing and servicing components. And these tasks can be made simpler through the use of a strong FSM software. Everyone from field technicians to office executives can make use of this, and collectively ensure that their day-to-day telecom jobs are carried out effectively.

FSM Software Make Scheduling Tasks Seamless

Field service management involves continuously shuffling between the acts of collecting user complaints, assigning them to field executives, managing data and so on. Doing this all painstakingly on Excel sheets will drive anyone mad! But when you have the assistance of a reliable FSM software like QuikAllot, managing a telecom biz becomes much simpler.

The first task is to manage customer requests and generate tickets to send out to field workers. This, when done manually can be a very difficult process. Managing one or two requests is doable, but when juggling through tens of complaints, you'll find yourself in a pickle. FSM tools help you manage customer requests in an orderly fashion and send the complaint out to field workers without any hassle.

Automating a majority of the tasks to be done, FSM software help telecom businesses manage a huge number of orders without facing any difficulties. Likewise, field workers are able to carry out their duties of navigating to user sites, managing resources and billing efficiently.

Let's assume a customer raises an issue of their nearby tower having become dysfunctional. All they need to do is raise a complaint through a mobile app, and they'll be able to track technicians in real-time. This is much more assuring when compared to making estimates and guessing as to if and when the technician would arrive.

By shortening user wait times, providing live trading and facilitating an invoicing experience that's as smooth as it's fast, you are improving customer experience tremendously. And a happy customer isn't just one who returns, but one who promotes as well. This ultimately ends up contributing to a massive ROI growth for your business.

Improve Field-Side Experience

Communication is something that's key to every telecom business, and every field service management business in general. Back in the day when someone complained of a snapped telephone cable outside, field workers had to navigate manually. Likewise, orders had to be written down on papers or stored on Excel sheets - again, manually.

FSM software help field workers immensely. By making navigation, resource management, invoicing and feedback collection simpler and faster, these software make the routine tasks carried out by technicians easy. They are able to tend to customer requests faster, manage job resources without any hassle, bill customers swiftly - all of this reduces the time spent per job, meaning they can manage more tasks, ultimately growing your business multifold.

Get the backing of the world's best telecom service software today - try QuikAllot for your business! Equip yourself with the facilities necessary to make field management seamless. Reach out to us today to try a free demo!

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