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Tips to Give Your Online Store a Makeover for Better UX and Improved Conversions

A healthy conversion rate in the eCommerce world is believed to be anything in between 1% to 2% - meaning that two out of hundred customers landing on the website buy something. However, the top 50 eCommerce stores in the world have conversion rates as high as 5-10%. So how do you drive up conversion rates on your eCommerce website? By revamping your store and improve it in all possible areas.

Here are some areas you can redo to provide a better user experience to customers and improve your conversion rates:

Design a Stunning, Engaging Landing Page

The landing page can make or break your business. Visitors must be able to tell what your company stands for and what you can do for them within a couple of seconds after navigating to your website. Use clear pictures, make liberal use of white space, and provide clear CTAs to engage visitors and encourage them to browse your store.

Provide a Memorable Shopping Experience

The kind of experience a visitor has while browsing through your site will significantly impact your conversion rates. Use bold, bright colours and a clutter-free design to improve their mood. Use beautiful images and videos for your products, which will educate customers as well as keep them entertained. The goal is make shopping online as enjoyable as it is offline in real stores.

Streamline the Checkout Process

A number one reason why full shopping carts get abandoned is that the checkout process is long, buggy, or inaccessible from mobile phones. Streamline the checkout process to allow customers to buy from you with a few clicks. Make it straightforward and effortless, as well as mobile-friendly.

Continuously Test New Versions of Your Website

You won't be able to build a successful store in a single day. It will take lots of time and effort, and long-term commitment on your part. Keep refining your store to improve UX with time. Use A/B testing and analytics tools to figure out what your customers like and dislike.

Be transparent about Pricing and Returns

Never tack on surprise shipping costs or taxes – customers hate that and will abandon your site. Always be transparent about pricing and gain customer confidence by having a clear returns policy in place. Customers that know they can return products will be more likely to place big orders.

We specialise in building robust, flexible, and high-converting online stores. Our developers can rework your store to improve your search engine rankings and make cosmetic and backend changes to increase your conversion rates substantially!

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