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Top 5 Features to Include In Your Android App to Make It Successful

In the ever-expanding app landscape, standing out and winning consumer attention might seem increasingly difficult – but it’s not impossible either. True, there is a multitude of apps, similar to yours, competing to outshine what you’ve built and striving to rise to the top. The difference lies in how well your app is built and the functionality it offers to its users. You can’t just build a good application because good is not enough – you need the best!

In this article, we’ll explore the top features that users look out for in an Android application and are essential for success:

Emphasize On Usability

The interface must be intuitive, open, and provide usability. Do not focus on creating a visually-compelling masterpiece, because it would all fall flat if the application doesn’t serve its purpose. Users love an Android app that looks as well as works well.

Keep It Simple

You might be tempted to go overboard and implant a host of features to entice users, but remember, in the app-development space, such a move could spell disaster. The key lies in simplicity. Stick to the basics and provide features that enhance the overall functionality of the application.

Offline Capabilities Are a Must

Users cannot be expected to have internet connectivity 24/7, everywhere they go. If your Android application survives completely on the internet, remember, it’s only one tap away from being uninstalled. Build an application that allows access to a few essential features and boosts usability, even when the user is offline.

Customer Opinion Matters

To you, it might seem like you’ve built the perfect application, but only when users experience it in real-time do its shortcomings start to show. Keep a feedback system in place that allows users to enlighten you on bugs, glitches, criticisms on services and also suggest improvements.

Integrate Analytics

Integrating your app with an analytical tool will help you keep a tab on user movement, their actions and help you collect useful data to improve the app and enhance user experience.

The bottom line is: your app should be user-friendly, simple, intuitive, innovative and solve user problems. That’s where the android app developers at Openwave can be of help. With a positive record of creating hundreds of apps for clients in Malaysia and abroad, we’ll transform your vision into a reality.

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