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Top 8 Payment Tools That Can Prevent Users From Abandoning Transactions

Payment issues and abandoned carts are perhaps the biggest nuisances which business owners running, retail, online and mobile avenues have to face. Every year, as much as 5 billion in sales are lost owing to unchecked out carts over such avenues. This is where facilitating fast online payments are a great strategy to help users check out faster, and ensure you get the sale.

Here are a few tools that facilitate payments between businesses and customers and reduce both virtual and offline cart abandonment to a large extent:

1. Deluxe EChecks

Caught with a check-dependent business? Deluxe eChecks provide a great interface to do away with printing paper checks and provides an automated mechanism for making check payments.

2. Dwolla

This superb platform helps you build an API which is both customized to your user needs and full of security features, to accept and facilitate online payments.

3. Currency Capital

Powered by a propriety algorithm with over 100 qualified lenders, this platform helps simplify financing for your users so that you are able to accept swift sales requests.

4. Square

All you need is the free plugin by Square and a smartphone to cover your portable device into a debit/credit card payment accepting machine that can come in handy in a brick-and-mortar business.

5. Worldpay

If you’re operating on a global scale, then Worldpay is for you. This solution enables sending/receiving of payments in multiple currencies and using multiple cards, making it ideal for international business.

6. Flint

Along the lines of Square is Flint, a solution that requires no additional hardware and simply needs a mobile device. Processing card payments securely through facial recognition, it’s known for being instantaneous.

7. Sellfy

Tailored for online portals, Sellfy allows setting up of a custom storefront and allows integration with other payment solutions such as PayPal and Stripe. It even comes armed with various marketing tools.

8. Due

A flexible, feasible and secure payment solution, Due is comprehensive in its range, providing features such as card processing, invoice management, wallet payments etc from a centralized portal.

While these tools can remove hassle in making online payments from the equation, you can benefit even more so by building your own payment gateway. Talk to our experts today @ +60 122 204 278 for payment gateway development in Malaysia!

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