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Why Joomla Is The Best CMS In 2018

Having been around for over 15 years, Joomla has never once lost its charm! It has served as a platform for millions of websites and continues to be in high demand. From allowing effortless app integration to providing a plethora of immensely useful plug-ins, it is no surprise that Joomla web development services are widely sought! Second only to WordPress, this platform serves as a terrific base to build a website on. With its terrific scalable nature, and countless add-on facilities, Joomla is just what you need to thrive online!

Here are some of the benefits of this incredible platform:

Easy Blog Development and Management

In the earlier days, developing websites/blogs needed coding and designing experience. However since the advent of CMS, the entire process is drag-and-drop! With Joomla, you can effortlessly develop blogs or sites; from designing to publishing it online, every element has been made times easier for the common man.

Extensive Extensions

Websites aren't just a display of content. You can make them immensely interactive by adding a variety of extensions. This plug-ins also exists to help you on the back-end. From marketing, to language, to managing the site - the extensions are categorized thoroughly to provide top-notch facilitation.

Ecommerce Integration

Along with serving as a terrific CMS, Joomla also provides ecommerce solutions. In fact, it has a dedicated set of plug-ins for facilitating store development. Store management, inventory management, integrating payment gateways and many such features can be added conveniently. Additionally, third party applications can be included in without any hassle.

Open Source Architecture

Working on an open source platform has an array of advantages. It allows individuals to make changes as and when necessary. So, whenever there's an issue in Joomla, anyone can fix it! Additionally, the user base here is huge, your doubts and needs will be catered to immediately by fellow users!

Be it personal or commercial, a website can aid your venture in a number of ways! What better platform for making one than Joomla? With its arsenal of provisions and highly flexible nature, you can dominate the online field! Want a stellar website developed? Call Openwave! Our Joomla web developers in Malaysia will equip you with a terrific website in no time.

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