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Why React Native Is Better Than Hybrid App Development?

In the world of programming, there are several different factions with different fealties. For some developers, Java rules superior, while for some PHP tops the list. While each language has nuances of its own, the competition persists. Today, hybrid app development is being overtaken by React Native, as the latter is making React experiences work on native platforms, while simultaneously serving as a cross-platform framework.

Not too long ago, when businesses started going digital, cross-platform and hybrid app development were concepts unheard of. Then with apps like Uber that become standalone mobile app businesses, ventures started realizing the importance of a mobile app. Once that importance was realized, came the need to have apps on both the Android and iOS platforms. App development is by no means a cheap process. And having to spend twice is just horrifying!

To bridge this gap, hybrid development platforms like Ionic and PhoneGap were employed. However, the costs were incredibly high and the outcome was seldom worth the money. With apps needed on multiple platforms and expenses having to be curbed, React Native stole the spotlight!

Here are 5 reasons why it's a game-changer:

1) Apps Developed On React Native Have A Look And Feel Of A Native App

React Native was developed to make sure mobile app development happens cross-platform, all the while providing a native experience. An app developed on React Native will behave no differently than one written on Swift or Java. Hybrid apps on the other hand, are a boiled-down version of this. The experience derived from a hybrid app is nowhere close to the experience React Native apps provide. Cross-platform apps should retain quality, but hybrid development takes this away and leaves a shriveled version of the original app! However, everything from the UI to the performance remains top-notch with React Native mobile app development. The best customer experience is always provided by an app that feels natural and native to its operating system - and that's exactly what React Native does!

2) React Native Provides Shared Codebase

Don't mistake React Native to be a write-once, use-anywhere framework. Code sharing allows for incredible UI customization and in-app integrations. Apps that don't have a dedicated UI or allow external integrations will definitely facilitate a reusable code base. However, React Native manages to provide reusability without compromising on any aspect of the mobile app!

3) React Native Mirrors The ReactJS Model

ReactJS developers can master React Native swiftly, since both share the same programming model. React Native itself is after all a Javascript framework. So you need not waste money getting a separate developer for web, Android and iOS - all you need is one (or more) skilled React Native developer(s) and you can have a stellar website, a stunning Android app and a smooth-running iOS app in no time!

4) React Native Is Open-Source with a Lot of Freely-Available Knowledge

Ever since React Native was released, developers have caught on to the trend and focused on mastering this platform. React Native has quickly become one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks! One of the few hurdles you'll face with React Native app development is when you try to integrate third-party applications. This would involve you writing native code or adopting code written elsewhere! However, since React Native is gaining swift traction in the tech world, many 3rd party apps like Stripe and Twilio have React Native libraries ready!

5) Top-Tier Apps Have Been Built On React Native

If the many advantages don't convince you, practical examples will. React Native is the base behind some of the biggest apps in today's markets like Tesla, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This in itself serves to show how effective React Native can be and just how versatile it can get in terms of functionality. Another great takeaway from this is that when such huge firms have employed React Native for their apps, you can rest assured that this framework is here to stay. But when it comes to traditional hybrid apps, you will barely find such big names.

Many people are made to believe that cross-platform app development costs huge amounts of money and takes a long time. React Native is here to change that notion! A leading cross-platform app development framework, you can get a stellar mobile app made for your business, on both the Android and the iOS platform in no time!

From UI to functionality, you will be able to customize how every aspect of your mobile app looks. In today's digitized era, cross-platform development has become a necessity because it saves huge amounts of time and money! And in such a competitive development market, React Native blitzes past the competition seamlessly.

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