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Why Should You Opt For Magento For This Festival Season?

The last quarter of the month is invariably the busiest part of the year for eCommerce websites. With the three festivals of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas following each other within a gap of few weeks, this team of the year poses quite a lot of pressure on sales teams and inventory teams around the globe who look to dispatch as much as they can to the customers.

However, approaching this season without a proper marketing campaign and website plan can lead to disastrous consequences as online shoppers are always on the lookout for unique and eye-catching; and not revamping the website to suit customers’ tastes usually leads to a dip in traffic.

For eCommerce websites looking to boost the presence of their websites and provide their customers with a great shopping experience, the following guidelines are to be adhered to, strictly:

Build Consumer Trust

Catering to excited customers and recording their experiences can go a long way in building consumer trust and brand recognition. With Magento, website development teams can integrate rating systems and comments sections where consumers can share their rating and reward with stars for the shopping experience. This can be used to analyze customer happiness.

Automate Social Media Campaigns

The best way to increase sales during holiday seasons is to integrate social media promotions into the website itself. By auto-generating tweets and posts that contain offers and gift coupons, websites can increase their outreach and bring in more traffic.

Integrate Google Analytics

The best way to make your venture successful is to identify the nature of your website visitors and where your campaigns are successful/failing. With Magento, website development teams can integrate Google analytics into their wireframes and analyze the reception of users to the websites.

Keep Promotions Dynamic

To ensure that customers do not find websites monotonous, websites can personalize promotions and offer unique and constantly changing deals to customers based on their loyalty points. Magento’s wide array of tools can make such unique and dynamic presentations happen.

Integrate SMS APIs

Customers always love being handed out unique deals and offers. By integrating automated SMS features into your platform, time-bound deals and offers can be sent via text messages to customers thereby encouraging them to try such deals within the stipulated time-limit.

These are some of the useful ways in which Magento can make boost the sales of your eCommerce sales this holiday season. If you are looking to pull off a great website this season, Openwave is there for you. Get in touch with us and hire our magento eCommerce developers who can help you front a shopping website that stands out from the rest and increases your sales.

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