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Why You Need To Invest On Mobile Applications for This Holiday Season

It is absolutely amazing how the world has shifted to the digital space in this age of digitization. Internet has found its way from personal computers to mobile devices and this very phenomenon has created abundant opportunities for people to thrive and also enhance productivity. Moreover, mobile applications have further improved the scenario by rendering extreme levels of functionality with simplicity and minimalistic approaches. Many use apps to execute daily tasks with ease and this is why it is so essential to bank on them especially during holiday season. It's undoubtedly the best choice retailers can make to drive sales effectively. A large portion of yearly profits is gained only via sales around this time. So, gear-up for dedicating a good amount of resources and making the most out of the opportunity at hand!

Here's how retailers you can maximize productivity through mobile devices during this holiday season.

Lucrative Nature of Mobile Apps

It is important to understand that about 86% that time is spent on mobile applications apps mover mobile web. This information is key to help us grasp the potential of apps and subsequently take actions to perform productive activities. They follow the principle of minimalism due to limited space availability. This restricts developers from adding unnecessary elements which cause unwanted distractions. Moreover, it minimizes consumer effort and enhances user experience simultaneously. Since the majority of the people in the world own smartphones, it is ideal for one to choose this platform to begin ventures and scale-up from here. It's by far the best way to capitalize on holiday seasons!

Driving Traffic like Never Before

It is well documented that mobile devices have spawned a new era marking the evolution of marketing and effectively enhancing productivity. By gaining exponentially expansive reach, attracting customers has never been this easy, eliminating a huge chunk of physical chores. With such accessibility, flourishing in the market is almost guaranteed if proper strategies are employed appropriately. One big perk of using this platform is that it can draw attention across various channels like e-mail, newsletter, telecast and many others.

Android vs. iOS

Lately, Apple has been easily dominating the mobile commerce market with more than 70% transactions being made through iOS devices. Android, on the contrary, had accounted for only about 25% of the transactions. Similar scenarios were observed during all holidays like Cyber Monday and Black Friday for example. An interesting statistic revealed that although smartphones drove quite a lot of traffic, tablets were responsible for the majority of sales with about 16% transactions versus 9% from smartphones. But it is still your decision which platform you want to choose as both offer certain distinct features which you might be inclined to.

Push Notifications Are Far Better Than E-Mail on Mobile

Push notifications are messages that pop up on the screen of mobile devices via apps that are downloaded and installed. Research reveals that in-app push notifications achieve much higher response than e-mails which makes it a must-have feature. It’s a great communication channel that allows developers to send information anytime to users, meaning even sales can be driven through it with captivating offers. This gently nudges customers to check-out your commodities and gradually leads them to make a purchase which is the ultimate goal.

User-Friendly and Captivating

Due to the compactness and much shorter learning curve that comes along, apps are generally more preferred over other platforms. Navigation is fairly simple and a lot of functions are quite easy to perform. An Interface is extremely smooth and lag is relatively experienced lesser. Categories can get sorted and organized without hassles. Purchase can be made with just a few taps on the screen. All these features combined make apps very attractive.

Promotion through Social Media

Social media is king when it comes to marketing. All sales of products and services can be announced on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Such media pave ways for wide reach of information which essentially can draw consumer attention and eventually introduce them to your apps. Instagram is a leading social media platform which is driving a lot of sales via mobile marketing. It is something worthwhile investing resources in. Likewise, other platforms can be taken advantage of.

Exceptional Customer Service

It is understood that your app will be flooded with customers during the holiday season. Although it will be tedious to attend to all of their queries, it is important to answer and satisfy them, especially around this time. It will create a positive impression which will allow you to build special relationships which turn into loyalty. Loyal customers make sure your business sustains even through rough tides. Hence, it is important to embrace each and every customer and cater for their needs. A FAQs section can help clear most doubts. But a dedicated team should be employed 24/7 to leave no query unresolved!


With numerous reasons as to why mobile devices are highly essential, it is evident that their potential has to be exploited to augment productivity during the holiday season. Applications serve as the leading platform to communicate with consumers, market products and services and consequently boost sales. Thus, retailers can benefit plenty by strategically employing practical methods that propel ahead sales and consequently scale-up business. If you happen to look for a professional mobile development company in Malaysia, get in touch with Openwave! We house an arsenal of exemplary developers who are only one call away! Connect with us right now to get a free quote!

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