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QA Automation Testing

It is essential to test various aspects like stability, functionality, sustainability, and user-friendliness of a software product once it is developed. Manual testing is not just tedious but also costly and error-prone due to which the quality of the product can’t be guaranteed. In such a case, automation offers solutions to these problems by optimizing the development workflow, minimizing the need for resources, and overcoming human errors, which lead to reduced time-to-market, minimized costs, and improved quality of the end-product.

Why Openwave Computing?

Openwave is proficient at testing a wide range of software solutions, improving their efficiency, and bettering their quality! For over two decades, we have been equipping businesses with state-of-the-art technologies which aid them in a massive growth over their competitors.

We Drive Operational Excellence By:

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Leveraging the existing resources, the complete process is made cost-efficient. Important quality metrics are used to detect and correct errors to ensure that your product reaches the market swiftly!

Our Testing Centre of Excellence Provides:

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Testing Types We Automate

  •  Unit Testing

  •  Integration Testing

  •  System/Regression Testing

  •  Performance Testing

  •  Security Testing

  •  Static Code Analysis

  •  Coding Standards Analysis and Reporting


QA Automation Testing Tools We Use

From API to functions and loading to security, we deliver top-grade quality testing solutions to every aspect of your software!

Industries We Serve

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