Corporate Training



Empowering Excellence, Transforming Teams.

Drive Success Together: Opt for Our Tailored Corporate Training Solutions

Openwave Training Solutions, the newest division of Openwave Computing, is committed to empowering professionals through quality corporate training initiatives. We pride ourselves on being your premier training provider, offering unique benefits tailored to enhance your business.

Here's why you can rely on Openwave Training Solutions to elevate your workforce:

Expert Management Team
Our seasoned management team understands your company's needs and objectives. We assess requirements, design tailored training programs, evaluate credentials, and provide recommendations with precision and expertise.

Employee Performance Development
Quality experts advocate training at all levels to boost workforce productivity. At Openwave, our Employee Performance Development aims to:

  • Align work with strategic direction.
  • Offer continuous learning opportunities.
  • Establish personalized learning and development plans.
  • Facilitate leadership development and succession planning.
  • Provide meaningful reviews and feedback for continuous improvement.

Openwave Computing, with a legacy spanning over two decades, has earned global recognition for delivering top-notch IT solutions. Our comprehensive suite of services, from architecture development to maintenance, reflects our commitment to excellence. With ISO 9001:2015 certification and adherence to ISO 27001:2013 data security standards, we ensure the highest standards of quality and client satisfaction.

As we venture into corporate training, Openwave Training Solutions remains dedicated to empowering professionals with the skills needed to thrive in today's dynamic IT landscape. Join us as we shape the future of workforce development together.


Human Resource Management

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Finance & Accounting

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Microsoft Office

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Supply Chain Management: Procurement & Purchasing

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Leadership & Business Management

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Communication, Writing & Presentation

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Personal Development & Motivation

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Administration & Production

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Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

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