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SEROI - Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) System

The Reliability Centered Maintenance system has been designed to keep a track of the potential failures a system, product or process could display in the near future, and help resolve it before it becomes too problematic. Since several ventures employ sophisticated equipment and machinery on a day-to-day basis, finding the risks in them and keeping faults in check.

SEROI is an RCM web app that seeks to equip industries with the means to easily conduct fault analysis and manage their equipments seamlessly. With SEROI at your disposal, you will be able to maintain a neat track of the faults your equipments have and divert your focus towards fixing the failures instead.

This RCM tool brings cutting-edge technology to the table. Decision analysis modules help users cut through the options and decide on the most feasible solution to a problem. Failures come in all shapes and sizes, which is why SEROI has been designed to help users through a set of simple Yes/No questions, to arrive at a fruitful conclusion. Artificial Intelligence modules will be integrated with the SEROI system soon, to make the analytics even sharper and the tool even more powerful.

The data generated by machines can be difficult to manage overtime, and failing to manage it might lead to a plethora of dangerous technical problems. With a number of machines and equipments being utilized on a daily basis, maintaining them is mandatory. The SEROI RCM System provides you with world-class fault detection, data storage and analytical measures for your venture, thus making sure any failure is dealt with immediately and your machines are in top-notch shape.

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