Company Profile

Offshore Delivery Center

Openwave's offshore development center (ODC) has been developed with the intent of incorporating infrastructure that aids in boosting productivity. A state-of-the-art facility, it boasts of cutting-edge hardware and strong security mechanisms. The ODC houses our highly skilled development team which comprises of seasoned technology specialists and experienced project managers. Thanks to seamless connectivity, the team constantly coordinates with the on-site team and delivers the best service to our clients.

Salient features of our state-of-the-art ODC facility at Chennai, India include:

  • 10,000 sq. ft. facility.
  • A team of 150+ experienced developers and project managers.
  • Robust infrastructure with foolproof mechanisms for physical and IT security.
  • Triple redundancies for all systems to mitigate risks.
  • Knowledge management systems that aid in the creation, storage and distribution of project work within the organization through secure channels.
  • Specialized tools that aid in work-sharing.
  • Secure infrastructure for internal and external communication.
  • Automated project, process and document management systems.
  • Seamless integration with client's processes and practices.

Our ODC strives to provide the best service to our clients - one that is characterized by on-time delivery and superior product performance. To this end, we constantly work towards keeping our infrastructure and personnel adept with the latest technologies and processes. We are highly sensitive about the confidentiality of our client projects and have put in place several safeguards to ensure utmost data security.