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Centralized PO Application

A centralized purchase order system built to streamline the various purchase processes across multiple eCommerce stores.

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The proposed application by the client required a centralized purchase order system that could work across various eCommerce sites and ease the procurement of materials, diverting them to either stock or to dispatch. This required the development of an application that could collect data from multiple platforms built in diverse technologies and bring them under a centralized system.

Core Features

  • Centralized PO system that brings together data from multiple eCommerce sites
  • Capable of creating and managing PO from any linked eCommerce site
  • Real-time data updates that allow the seamless creation of PO.
  • A highly agile system that can be set up easily and works out-of-the-box.
  • Effective management of the entire operation with advanced tools
  • Scalability of the system allows linking of additional eCommerce sites.
Centralized PO Application
Centralized PO Application


As there was no readily available solution for a centralized PO system, the client approached Openwave for a tailor-made solution that was both well-performing and cost-effective. The challenges we faced lay in the sorting and tracking of inbound customer data. These data streams that were received from various eCommerce sources were to be sorted and maintained in a centralized system where the relevant teams attend to the same and handle individual requests.

Some of the primary challenges we encountered during development included:

  • Choosing an ideal platform to develop a centralized PO system on that was capable of bringing all operations under a single roof
  • Creating purchase orders and gathering customer information from various eCommerce sites via a single platform
  • Fetching data from all sites in real-time and updating it on the platform in order to create Purchase Orders in a swift manner.
  • Ensuring scalability that allowed for addition of newer shopping sites in the future.


Upon receiving the client’s requirements, our team analyzed it meticulously and worked with dedicated experts to conceive an ideal solution.

Solutions that Openwave proposed and developed include:

  • We developed a centralized PO application using LAMP and .NET technologies which allowed handling of large volumes of data and added scope for scalability
  • We synced the purchase order information and customer data from across eCommerce websites and ensured that all the operations were brought together under a single window of operation.
  • Real-time data gathering, which proved to be a daunting challenge, was accomplished, thereby offering a seamless way of creating and managing purchase orders with no lag time.
  • Developed an interactive dashboard for the backend that enabled addition of newer online stores to the PO system.


The client was elated with the product and was extremely satisfied with the solution as it solved the pain points indicated earlier. The product facilitated better purchase order management, streamlined eCommerce operations, and reduced the manpower requirements for the client.


The client benefitted from 2X savings on maintaining the exhaustive process of purchase order tracking and maintenance, and the reduced effort, in turn, translated into better returns.