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Mobile App - Job Management System

A custom-built job management mobile app that helps technical service providers allocate jobs and receive status from field executives.


The client required a mobile app that delivered an easy and efficient way to allocate and manage jobs. The solution was aimed at solving operational inefficiencies in delivering electrical, plumbing and other related services. The client required a full-fledged mobile app that created a simple interface that allowed technicians to receive and manage all their job orders in a simple manner thereby, eliminating the paperwork involved, cumbersome manual processes and making job management efficient.

Core Features

  • A dedicated login page for each technician to access their Job sheets.
  • Job listing page that enables Work Order tracking and management.
  • Work Order page replete with information about the client, job location, and job description.
  • Image upload feature to be used both before and after the completion of the task for work status confirmation.
  • Offline storage of all job orders and auto-syncing them when connectivity resumes.
  • Automated calculation of costs based on predefined conditions.
Mobile App - Job Management System


There were several unique challenges involved in this project as it involved developing a hitherto unconceived concept into a mobile app. Adding to this was the requirement of developing the app for both the iOS and the Android platform. During the course of the development life cycle, our team was met with the following hurdles:

  • Developing a Login page for individual technicians and granting them access to their profiles.
  • Creating a dedicated page that will showcase the received Job lists.
  • Building an individual screen for each Work Order and furnishing information about the client, job location, and Work description.
  • Allowing technicians to update the status of the work in real-time using images and relay the data to the organization server.
  • Ensuring fast, fluid performance, data security and heightened connectivity at all times, even when the device is offline.
  • Keeping a track of the inventory, parts used and fees charged.


The requirements from the client were thoroughly analyzed and the team worked towards building an application that was tailor-made to their requirements. The following solutions were proposed as a part of the product and developed successfully:

  • A Login page for individual technicians was developed allowing them access to their dashboard and allocated jobs.
  • A page for the allocated Job lists was developed with functionality that allowed technicians to organize and handle jobs on a priority basis.
  • Each Work Order was allotted an individual screen with full information about the customer, job location, and work description.
  • A dedicated page was developed with an image upload feature for updating in real-time the status of the work.
  • Offline data storage was ensured using Green DAO Database to offer seamless offline performance.
  • A feature was added to allow technicians to upload information on the parts used, thus updating the inventory database. Cost calculation was automated using defined presets.

Mobile App - Job Management System


Through careful planning, execution and application of technical prowess, our team built a product that surpassed client expectations. The product allowed the clients streamline the operations of its technical executives who could now be allotted work effortlessly. With the connection to the server, all information was directly synced to the database thereby reducing the labor involved, cutting down paperwork and reducing inefficiencies in operation.

Mobile App - Job Management System


The mobile app cut down the paperwork involved and cumbersome communication required in allocating jobs. The client was able to significantly reduce the labor involved, streamline the work, ensure transparency, improve customer satisfaction and increase business revenues by a significant margin.