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OsCommerce Development

OsCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform that supports close to 300,000 stores globally. Powered by a massive open source community that continually adds innumerable add-ons, modules, and improvements to the platform each year, it’s an ideal pick for small and mid-sized retail establishments to take their sales online and access the global consumer base.

Openwave is a leading player in the domain of OsCommerce development. We are highly experienced in this area with several prominent eCommerce projects as a part of our portfolio. Owing to an in-depth understanding of the platform and its modules, our developers can build customized, powerful and scalable eCommerce sites infused with enriched features.

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Why OsCommerce?

Powerful Design

Allows the hosting of rich designs and imagery that improves the shopping experience.

Flexible Platform

Enables the integration of third-party plugins and modules leading to an expedited development timeframe.

Product catalog and Shopping Cart

A highly scalable platform which is capable of supporting a large inventory and huge sales volumes.

Exchange rate and Tax calculation

Supports integration of dynamic modules that keep track of local tax tariffs and exchange rates.


Allows the integration of several language packages, thereby removing linguistic barriers to boost sales across borders.

Product Search Tool

Enables a seamless product search feature that indexes the relevant products and also provides informed suggestions.

Order, Reports, and Analytics

Maintains a record of all orders made, generates periodic reports based on sales and runs analytics on the same to predict future performance.

Payment Gateway Module

Both custom-developed and third-party payment gateways can be easily integrated into the platform.

Why Opt Us?

  • Strong track record in Oscommerce/CRE Loaded development solutions.
  • A flexible team with two decades of experience in customized eCommerce development.
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified company with emphasis on ensuring quality.
  • Qualified developers with end-to-end expertise in Payment Gateway integration.
  • A highly-skilled team for add-ons development.
  • Deployment of dedicated on-site coordinator to communicate effectively.
  • Avail flexible development and choose between an onsite and offshore team of developers.

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