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Smart Academic System (SAS)

Smart Academic System (SAS) is a web-based application which facilitates full-length academic resource planning for digital-savvy schools, colleges, and universities! Primarily an Academic Resource Management System (ARMS), it is advanced in the way it streamlines comprehensive academic procedures like course planning, budget estimation, teaching resource allocation, student enrollments, and course releases. The paperless management of the activities of the institute not only cuts costs, but also its boosts overall efficiency. Moreover, the database is secure which keeps unauthorized access at bay.

Our SAS is extremely user-friendly and saves valuable time and effort of academic institutes by enabling smart database management. The improved functions allow authorized users to effortlessly store, modify, and retrieve data via secure mechanisms using special modules. Our strong belief is that education must not be limited by redundant procedures! We, therefore, go out of our way to customize solutions which specifically cater to your requirements!


Enhance the functions of your academic institution by leveraging the features of Openwave’s SAS!

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