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WaveCart – Extend Your Magento 2 Site to the Mobile Space!

WaveCart is a Shopping Cart Mobile App developed with React Native, for Magento 2 system. By providing a seamless navigational experience, it helps users maneuver around the platform and shop effortlessly. Order placement and payment happens efficiently through a few simple clicks, providing users with the ultimate shopping experience.

Openwave Computing customizes WaveCart completely depending on your requirements, and aims to thoroughly enhance your e-commerce venture.


Our Solutions

All your e-commerce needs will become digital.
Field Mobility

React Native

WaveCart has been developed on the open-source JavaScript framework React Native, and can be deployed across multiple operating systems with ease!



Integrating your Magento 2 website to the mobile app will take no longer than minutes!


Easy Social Sharing

Authentication can be done via Facebook or e-mail addresses.



The Redux library allows you to manage your mobile app incredibly well.

Field Mobility

Site Integration

The Magento 2 site integration happens through API keys.

Why WaveCart?

How to Use WaveCart?

Got a Magento 2 Website up and running already? Integrate it with WaveCart and boost your sales right away!