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4 Versatile Platforms You Can Use To Build Outstanding Mobile Apps

We have today reached a time where living without a smartphone means missing out on some of the most convenient creations of technology – mobile applications. Like it or not, apps have become an inseparable part of our lives. Right from banking to health and education, and more, mobile applications have made everything easily accessible and affordable.

With inputs from various developers, we have compiled a list of four best platforms for mobile app development:

Native Script

An open-source platform, Native Script is optimum for those who prefer to have numerous plugins to aid them with app development. This framework supports JavaScript, TypeScript and AngularJS 2, and is used to create robust mobile applications across iOS and Android.


Xamarin has to be globally the most famous of these 5 platforms, which has been hailed by giants like Microsoft for its user-friendliness. This platform allows developers to build native apps with help of C# code base and also to use the same IDE, API,and language everywhere. Sharing codes couldn’t have been more hassle-free, which is an added benefit as it helps in developing apps faster.


Appcelerator, being extensible and open, helps developers in building mobile applications across all platforms – Android, Blackberry, iOS, etc. – in a shorter time period. Appcelerator uses JavaScript code-base but it also offers support for HTML and Hybrid apps. Moreover, Appcelerator SDK being open-source supports lots of devices as well as APIs. Additionally, there are lots of other features like Eclipse-based IDE studio, MVC frameworks, etc.


For those people looking to develop data-centric, native consumer and enterprise apps for mobile, this is a great pick. RhoMobile is backed by Rho Connects which helps developers to easily access offline data. Not only that, this platform also comes with a free Eclipse plugin that enables developers to create, test and improve their mobile apps with much ease.

Although all these platforms highly efficient and equally good, you must consider hiring the services of a professional app development company to decide on the one that’s best for you. At Openwave, mobile app developers with a decade of expertise and experience would patiently hear out all your requirements to provide you the best app development solutions. Contact us today! +60 122 204 278.

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