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7 Killer Tips To Arm Your Magento Store For This Holiday Season

The busiest time of the year is ahead of us and we have to brace ourselves for it. Everyone is in the mood for shopping and running a business, you have to take necessary action to scale-up accordingly. Magento is a great CMS for an e-commerce website. It has incredible features that facilitate efficient functionality of your e-store. Proper optimization can help you exponentially boost sales, especially around this time.

Here are 7 killer tips that will help your Magento store for this holiday season.

1) Pre-Marketing

Before the season commences, it is advantageous to collect e-mail addresses of potential customers and send them newsletters. Notify them of all the offers and discounts you have in store for them. Make them really attractive and catchy. You could also start promoting on popular social media platforms to get a wide reach. Creating a pre-set mind for your customers to shop in your store is absolutely important. It will be extremely difficult to get their attention later. Never underestimate your competition.

2) Become More Visible

This could be the toughest thing to achieve. But if done right, it's actually not very difficult. Focus on creating quality content and present them as blog posts, images, videos, texts and animations in the digital world. But remember, uploading content is not enough. You have to promote it too. Instagram and Facebook are great platforms to advertise your festive offers. They have an unbelievable reach. You can specifically target your audience using their marketing system. It's simply amazing how advertisement has become this efficient today.

3) Design and Optimize

Your Magento e-store should adopt the trending designs to get attention. It's mandatory that you do this as visual impact and seamless shopping is most expected from the customers. Optimize the load time of the page. Customers don't want to stay there very long. They shop online mainly to save time. Test beta versions, get feedback and resolve all the negative comments to make sure your website is ready to provide the best user experience out there! Also, don't forget to make a responsive web design which is compatible with all devices including mobile phones.

4) Contact Hosting Server

Your Magento e-store will receive traffic like never before and you have to make sure it doesn't crash when that happens. It's crucial that you get in touch with the developers of the hosting server and avail extra support during the festive season. They will know how to tackle traffic and ensure your website stays in good shape throughout. If the server is incapable of handling the traffic you are expecting, you have to consider changing it. It may cost you a little, but at the end of the season, it would have been worth it.

5) Project Keywords

Make your web design effective by projecting holiday-themed keywords that will attract customer attention and eventually improve conversion rates. People want items that are relevant to the season and it is vital you give them exactly that. Showcasing other items that do not have much significance around this time will only dull your website and affect your business. So, get creative with the presentation of items along with the keywords and gently nudge customers into buying your products.

6) Enhance Customer Service

You can't rely on the customer support team strength you've been having the entire year till now. It's going to be a rush season and you will have very less response time to serve your customers. It's best if you could hire more customer service assistants for your Magento e-store. Go live and enquire about the needs of customers while they are on your website. Observe their activities and figure out what they want to buy. Provide suggestions to make their task simpler. If they raise any issue, address them and resolve it immediately.

7) Spy

This is not wrong, in any way. In fact, it's a practical business tradition that has been followed for centuries. Look at your competitors keenly and observe what they are offering. Note down what they are good at and where they are going wrong. Improve your service accordingly to fill the hole they had in their business. It's all about progress and improvement. Stagnation will make any business stale. So, work hard to scale-up your business and stay on top of your league. It's a survival game you're playing. You can't afford to go easy on anyone.

The festive season is loaded with opportunities to boost sales. Make optimal use of your Magento store using the tips provided here. If you need any assistance in scaling-up your e-store, contact Openwave, the leading magento development company in Malaysia and avail our festive season offer of 10% discount on our services. Don't Miss out to use the coupon code, OWC-HolidaySP.

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