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Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Quality Mobile App Development

When it comes to app development, the stakes are high, and the user expectations are still higher! Ever wondered why some apps fail to succeed - or worse - never hit the app stores? What’s the secret recipe to success? The only thing that sets a successful and a poorly-performing app apart is the development process that goes into it. If you’re still confused, here’s the step-by-step process that’s followed while building quality mobile apps. So, if you’re steering away from it, you know that you're doing it wrong!

Step 1: Gaining Insight into Your World

No two companies are alike, what works for one, may not work out for another. For this reason, the first step to app development involves a thorough understanding of business needs and requirements. This enables the developer to identify the intersection of what your business provides and what the user wants.

Step 2: Define Project Scope

Once the development team and the client are on the same page, a careful evaluation is made and the project scope, feasibility, the delivery time-frame and cost is then provided to the client.

Step 3: Making the Development Process Transparent

There are no secrets between the client and the developers. Every step of the app development process is clearly explained to the client. Such a collaborative approach to app development ensures delivery of a client-centric app. Once the developers get the green signal, the clients must receive constant updates on the development process.

Step 4: The Beginning

The developers will work out how the app looks, its core functionality and its features. All the elements are fused together into a wireframe that can convey a clear picture of how the app will look once it’s completed and is open to feedback and suggestions from the clients.

Step 5: Design and Development

After the prototype is approved, sheer excellence in coding and technical mastery steps in to give your app a definition. From laying down the foundation of the app’s back-end structure to setting up servers and APIs, developers ensure that they breathe life into the designed prototype and translate a simple vision into stark reality.

Step 6: Testing

Before launching, apps are thoroughly tested, and finishing touches are added to ensure there’s no room for flaws.

Step 7: And it’s Show Time!

Finally, after months of development – the app is up for grabs on app stores. Need compelling mobile apps for your business? Choose Openwave - your reliable mobile partner who not just follows a world-class development process, but also provides support, marketing and monitors your app’s performance at every step.

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