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Top 4 Mobile App Development Trends to Grab the Spotlight in 2019

Mobile applications have been serving us really well since their inception. Owing to their extremely lucrative nature and powerful capabilities, one must definitely invest in them to have their venture reach stellar heights! But in this undeniably competitive world, it is crucial to keep tabs on prospective developments that can potentially give your product an extra edge!

Here are the top 4 mobile app development trends that will grab the spotlight in 2019.

1) Incorporation of Blockchain Implementations

Blockchain got noticed after its successful integration with the popular cryptocurrency - ‘Bitcoin’. Having exposed its true power with this application, many mobile application development teams from across the world have begun harnessing it for various implementations in several industries, especially finance and banking. For instance, it is being used to develop smart contracts to enable secure digital transactions. It is also being employed in healthcare for improved recordkeeping.

2) Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Certain tasks prove to be quite complex for human minds and it consumes a lot of time to accomplish them. But with powerful software that enable machine learning combined with artificial intelligence, it is possible to expedite those tasks which lead to escalated productivity. Introducing such capabilities into mobile apps can certainly make things really interesting!

3) Proliferation of On-Demand Apps

After the incredible success of Uber, many on-demand solutions have sprung out of nowhere! Today, there are solutions for food delivery, healthcare, electrical work, plumbing and what not! It won’t be too long until more such services pop up and spread across all parts of the world! Immediately catering to people’s needs, this kind of service provides customers with a lot of comfort!

4) Rise of Instant Apps

Many mobile devices are often times limited by their storage space. This lack of memory has inconvenienced us by inhibiting us from trying out more tools and check if we really need them. But it won’t be the case any longer. With this particular trend on the rise, the need to download for confirming their usefulness is pretty much eliminated! Very soon, this is what every Android mobile application development company will be after.

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