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5 Things Your Mobile App Should Have To Succeed In 2015

The number of people going mobile has only increased in the past features years and the increase is expected to surge even further with more and more people particularly in the developing markets going mobile. This article looks at what mobile app users expect from the current crop of developers and what your considerations should be when you develop mobile apps in 2015.

1. Good User Experience

If there’s one thing that’s non-negotiable as far as an app is concerned, it’s user experience. User experience is the summum bonum of your app with all its images, functionalities, icons and names. Whatever they may be, they constitute to make your app experience. This should finally be of excitement to the consumer and he or she should be compelled to use it again. That’s the crux of it.

2. Don't Neglect Any OS

Android might be the most popular among the mobile platforms now, but other operating systems are fast catching up you would do well not to ignore them. In fact, the rise in the number of Ios users has been greater than the growth in the number of Android users this year. This only goes to show that building an app for Android alone won’t work anymore. You’ve got to have versions of your app in other operating systems as well.

3. Speed Matters More Than Ever Before

In the world of mobile apps, performance counts. By performance we mean how fast you perform. There are many apps that look very nice to start with, but start to drag as time goes on. So, you need to optimize your app for speed before you launch it.

4. Simple But Proper Description

Let’s be clear. It’s not possible to describe your app fully to someone who wants to use it. But what you can do is, take him to the app, entice him into exploring it through your description. So, your description of the app serves as a gateway for the consumer to experience your app. But, remember you must be succinct here.

5. Never Stop Updating Your App

You may have built your app all fine, but updating your app is an imperative process. It is not abnormal for an app to crash or encounter a problem. However, if it becomes regular, it needs to be updated. Even without flaws, keep looking for new features related to your app that can be added to improve its functionality and update your app.

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