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First Party APIs Vs Third Party APIs

Developing an API can be very challenging. As the choices are numerous, to choose one over the other gets harder when you would want to develop API. When it comes to the question of which is better, first-party API or third party API, we’ll have to do some serious study to look out for the pros and cons of both and decide on the best option for you.

First Party API


1. The APIs that are developed internally can be designed just as it is requested to be by incorporating the specific features such as integrated services, types of calls, etc. The particular architecture design requested by the developer can be integrated to provide room for large amounts of data management and so on. 2. As the developer knows the strengths and weaknesses and the level of security needed, taking a prime consideration of these elements is necessary. 3. Moreover, developing an in-house API can be great as you have complete control over the process, right from development to deployment.


1. Developing an in-house API can be very expensive and will cost great amounts of your resources. 2. The problem of scope and feature creep exists no matter what the size of your project. To combat such issues, strict guidelines must be laid down, and management has to take control to oversee the project in its each development phase.

Third Party API


1. Third Party APIs are developed externally and can benefit you greatly by familiarizing you with other’s point of view. In-house API development is the application of your knowledge and expertise while out-house API development will lead to incorporating new features and will be more user-oriented. 2. It is simple and will cost less of your resources. All you need to do is pay your license fee and ensure that you address the security issues and integrate the services provided.


1. If you’re looking for a particular architecture design and planning to leave the API development to third parties, then you’re probably asking for disappointment. The third party API will not be tailor-made. 2. Security is vital, especially in this era of hackers and threatening cyber criminals. You are entrusting your product with an unknown entity, and this can be extremely harmful even if the company is well-reputed. You never know what their designers are up to.


It can be quite challenging for you to choose between the two options considering the upsides and downsides of using first-party APIs and third-party APIs. Carefully evaluate the needs of your product and your resources, before choosing that which tends to fit your requirements.

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