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Best Practices to Follow While Building Your Dream Mobile App

Out of millions of unique apps on Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS store, only a relatively minor percentage makes their developers a significant amount of money. Also, it’s not uncommon to shoot past the building budget during the development stage. So how do you make your dream mobile app successful in this day and age?

Here are some considerations to make during the development process that can turn your dream into a success story:

Long-term Budgeting

Some companies attempt to save money in the short term through cost cutting measures, like offering cloud-based services on their products. However, in the long run, that may be more expensive. It's important that you calculate a realistic budget for your product in the long-term.

Usefulness and User Friendliness

An application is a tool that the user must find useful in some way. It must enrich their life or add value in some way. Also, ensure that your product/tool is as user-friendly as possible, or users will simply find another they can work with. Every excellent app has a slick, well-optimized user interface that is a joy to navigate through.

Product Lifecycle

Not all applications will be successful immediately. If you have an innovative idea, it will take time for users to accept it and for the concept to circulate. Do you have a product lifecycle mapped out? Updating and maintenance costs can be big.

Thorough Testing

Testing can not only help you identify and eliminate bugs but, with user testing, it's a good way of ensuring the target audience is enthusiastic about it. By carrying out unit testing, device testing, and user testing, you improve your chances of building a successful app.

Marketing is Paramount

Marketing is as important, if not more important than, the development process. Make sure you are familiar with App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques to improve the product’s visibility in stores. Social media, like Facebook, is also an excellent way to promote it.

Regular Updates

You can't just forget your app after it has been launched – it will have to be nurtured over a long-term period with regular updates, maintenance, and upgrades to remain valid. Ensure your developers are aware of the long-term needs of the product. Regularly updating is also an excellent way to feature prominently on ‘Recently Updated' lists in stores.

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