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Driving iOS Apps to Success with Advanced Machine Learning with Core ML

A lot has been happening on the front of Apple driving strategic measures towards integrating upcoming technologies like neural nets, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. The latest one has been the release of Core ML, which is a framework that enables iOS app developers to add trained machine learning models to their applications.

Here are a few advantages of Core ML as a platform to drive innovation to your iOS mobile applications:

Clubbing Advanced Machine Learning Capabilities For Your App

Although Apple has always been front running in the exploration of advanced analytical and AI techniques such as Metal Performance Shaders CNN and Basic Neural Network Subroutines etc., Core ML is the very first framework which amalgamates features like advanced image processing, natural language processing, and data computation together.

Multi-Layered Model Support

The latest version of Core ML comprises of 30 different layers, which supports the integration of as many complex models into your app. These may be support vector machines, tree ensembles, and other core models, along with advanced neural network variants.

Advanced Security And Resource Consumption

Core ML integration brings advanced machine learning models to your app, which doesn’t just improve the security framework of the app, but can also have far reaching applications of better resource management – RAM and power.

Offline Support For App

When you have machine learning models integrated into your iOS app, the models do not have a dependence on the internet connection for their computing needs and this is the reason why your apps can even do their job in the offline mode.

Integrate Just About Any Technology Into Your App

Machine learning algorithms are coded in a vast variety of languages such as Java, Scala, and Python on one side, and statistical modeling tools such as SAS on the other. All these can be seamlessly integrated into your iOS mobile app.

Core ML can give inception to creative ideas to take your iOS app to the next level! You know you can safely place your trust in Openwave – the most renowned iOS application developers in Malaysia. Contact us today to start the transformational journey of your mobile app.

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