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Gain Big by Building a Geolocation Based Mobile App for Your Business

Modern smartphones have a variety of sensors built-in, including a light sensor, motion sensor, and, of course, a GPS. Many utilities, gaming, entertainment, and fitness apps make use of GPS technology to make their offerings more useful. While using GPS technology for business is not a novel concept, not many companies are aware of the great advantages they can gain by building a custom mobile app that integrates geolocation. If used right, it can help you generate leads, improve revenues, and drastically grow your business.

Are Geolocation Apps Truly That Popular?

Yes, they are. Here are some of the top apps that use the technology in some form or the other:

• Navigation: Maps and information services.

• Social Media: Local check-ins.

• Tracking: Fitness and running.

• Business Search: Finding nearby businesses.

Here are some of the big benefits you gain by utilising geolocation technology via a mobile app:

1. Make The Business More Accessible

Finding an office in the real world can be difficult, even with precise directions. With your app that shows customers exactly where they are, you will be able to guide them directly to your doorstep.

2. Provide Location-Based Services

Some businesses – like travel agencies – are using GPS technology to help their customers find their way around strange places. It’s very easy to show customers where nearby restaurants, malls, and hotels are located.

3. Promotion and Discounts

Some retailers are using GPS-based apps to provide customers with on-site discounts to improve sales. For example, if a customer is browsing through a particular section of a shop, the retailer can offer a personalised discount to that particular customer.

4. Improved Customer Service

Location tracking can be very useful for some types of businesses and can improve customer relations drastically. For example, for a courier business, it’s very easy for customers to keep track of where their parcel is and the estimated time of delivery through real-time tracking.

5. Effective Social Advertising

Social advertising is the most efficient form of publicity. If you want your customers to spread the word about your business, a GPS-based app with social media support will let them share their ‘check-ins’ or their current location (like your office) with followers and friends on popular media sites like Facebook.

Wondering if a Geolocation app would improve revenue generation for your business? Openwave’s experienced app development team will help you find out!

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