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Remodel Your Magento Store – Key Development Trends in 2017

Over 260,000 live online shops use the Magento open source development platform. Magento is widely known for being a robust content management system (CMS) that is affordable, reliable and scalable. Being an open source option, a broad developer base actively supports the development of the platform. The eCommerce industry has changed drastically recently, and it's important that Magento store owners keep up with changing trends and customer expectations – or risk losing business to competitors.

Here are some of the top 2017 development trends you should incorporate into your Magento website to both improve conversions as well as stay afloat:

Quality Shopping Experience

Customers don’t mind paying extra if they receive a quality service. This year, many store owners are focusing on providing an outstanding shopping experience with the help of modern web design and optimisation, instead of focusing on providing discounts for their products. A great shopping experience results in improved sales and recurring sales.

Mobile Support

The significant chunk of traffic incoming to eCommerce sites these days originates from mobile phones. Consequently, owners are using responsive design to make their site accessible on small screen devices. Some are even releasing mobile apps. From those that have done so, many are reporting big increase in revenues.

Improved Customer Service

Everybody likes being served. Online retailers are using the latest technology like Chatbots to improve and optimise customer service. Listening to customer feedback and complaints boosts the company image, and enhances the customers' loyalty towards the brand.

Streamlined Payment

A major reason why shopping carts get abandoned halfway through a transaction is that the payment process isn’t fast enough. In 2017, Magento store owners are focusing on allowing customers to make lightning-quick payments on both phones and desktops. All this is being accomplished through streamlined web design and use of payment portals, mobile wallets, net banking, and credit/debit cards.

One Day Shipping

A major drawback of shopping online was the fact that you had to wait for days or even weeks for the order to arrive. Recently, there is a trend in the industry or one day and even real-time shipping. Customers are receiving their orders very quickly, sometimes within hours of them placing it.

Upgrading your existing store can be effortless as well as affordable if you hire the right developers for the job. Our experts can include all the latest Magento development trends into your shop at very reasonable prices in a short span of time.

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