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Top Trends That Are Shaping Mobile App Development In 2017

Less than ten years ago, the mobile app industry was still in its infancy. No one could have predicted the explosive growth that followed. Today, it’s a billion dollar industry and is regularly subjected to change and continual expansion. Its rapid evolution requires app developers to adapt, learn new things and stay in touch with the latest trends in the mobile app development arena.

It’s 2017, and there are a few prominent trends that are creating a buzz across the community. Here’s a quick look at them:

1. The Rise of Small Businesses

2017 is being touted as the year of small businesses since there’s a remarkable surge in the number of startups and small businesses hiring mobile app development teams. It could be attributed to the drop in app development prices or the increased awareness of the industry’s potential.

2. Android Instant Apps

The much-talked about Google Instant Apps is making waves across the techno-circles. This allows access to the app without the need for installation. The design of instant apps has caught on this year.

3. Emphasis on Security

With the instances of security breaches and malware becoming prominent, there’s an increased focus on security. Advanced encryption, HTTPS, SSL and other measures enforce secure interactions.

4. The Advent of AR

Yes, Pokemon GO already started the Augmented Reality trend in 2016, but this year, AR is truly catching momentum with an increased number of developers realizing the power of greater interactivity.

5. Rapid Application Development

It is now a trend for app developers to deploy agile development methodology and focus on improving efficiency to deploy apps with advanced features in a short span of time.

6. Swift Rules Apple

Objective-C, Perl, JavaScript and a few other programming languages have always been the top choice for developing iOS apps. However, in recent times, Swift is rising in popularity, proving to be a viable option for building robust applications.

7. Diverse Payment Methods

Move over credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal! Quicker, faster, and feasible mobile payment options such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc. are gaining prominence.

8. The IoT Revolution

Internet of Things has been around for a while, ever since the idea of interconnectedness surfaced. However, it’s 2017 that’s all set to spark off a revolution in the seamless integration of smartphones, cloud storage, and smart devices.

To succeed in the mobile app market, staying ahead of the innovation curve and developing future-ready mobile apps is crucial. Openwave’s mobile app developers in Malaysia always stay in sync with the latest trends. Reach out to us!

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