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8 Latest Features Of Magento That You Must Be Aware Of In 2017

Magento is one of the world’s most-used eCommerce platforms, presenting a massive assembly of features that only continue to evolve and improve with time. With its latest release of Magento Community Edition 2.1.7 and updates to its SaaS-based Enterprise Cloud Edition, Magento has rolled out features that promise an overall enhancement in functionality. While some elements stay almost the same, others are refreshingly new.

Here are eight new features that will rule the Magento space in 2017:

Get Noticed By Search Engines

The new versions are primarily optimized with best SEO practices that will enable users to build an SEO-friendly site out-of-the-box. From keeping a tab on content quality to being easy-to-crawl, Magento works efficiently to increase web traffic.

New and Improved Admin Dashboard

If previous users found Magento’s admin interface difficult to navigate, the new one offers contrasting functionality. Simple, straightforward and easy to use, this is of the best features to watch out for this year.

Increased Mobile Responsiveness

The latest version is mobile-responsive. Building a store that works well across a range of devices helps boost sales from mobile users and also has a positive effect on your site’s SEO.

Braintree Hosted Fields

Braintree has improved upon its integration with the latest version and added a ‘hosted fields’ option to collect sensitive payment information securely. You can also customize the look and feel of the checkout.

PayPal’s In-Context Checkout

The enhanced PayPal option with an in-context checkout flow gives the customer a simplified experience, thereby, translating into better conversion rates. Customers can pay with their PayPal balance without having to re-enter details.

Outstanding User Experience

Everything, right from the themes to the backend interface, is now targeted at enhancing user experience. Managing crucial tasks is now easier with the platform’s increased emphasis on ease-of-use.

Automatic Upgrades

You can now keep your version up-to-date without manually making an installation. A new automatic system upgrades the store with the latest updates.


Designed to handle large catalogs, Elasticsearch supports over 33 languages and provides highly relevant matches to search queries, effectively replacing its predecessor Solr.

With promising new features and functionalities being unveiled, Magento only seems to be getting bigger and better. Build your store on this highly popular platform today. Get in touch with eCommerce developers in Malaysia.

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