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Watch Out For These 5 eCommerce Trends in 2018

With the year drawing to a close, it is time that we declare this - Desktop eCommerce is dead. Yes, it has been losing steam for quite some time now and is expected to flatline in the year 2018. While this may sound ominous, the truth, in fact, is great news for consumers. All of eCommerce is now migrating from a desktop-based shopping model to a mobile-based shopping model, one that is expected to grow in strength in the upcoming year.

In line with this evolving scenario, let us examine the new eCommerce trends that are expected to emerge the next year:

Targeted Marketing

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have transformed the marketing scene. Thanks to the ability to track user preferences, eCommerce websites can now target customers using banner ads and in-video ads on social media sites.

Online Product Research

Customers today prefer to research about their products thoroughly on the internet before placing a purchase on an online Store. Improving the amount of information available to customers can increase the chances of conversions thereby boosting sales. Mobile apps offer a better viewer experience and can increase the accessibility of content.


ChatBots have transformed customer services. Users no longer have to rely on a customer support agent to pick up their call and handle their complaints. AI-powered bots are today capable of registering customer queries, raising tickets and solving them using their vast troves of information. ChatBots are now making their way into apps and can be expected to streamline customer support processes.

Voice Assistance

Ever since Amazon’s Alexa made its debut, the voice assisted purchase has been hailed as the future of eCommerce. Placing orders in a hands-free manner using a voice assistant is a way of shopping that is likely to gain acceptance and integrate seamlessly into the behavior and habits of consumers. This makes it a key area of research for major retailers and tech giants.

Big Data and Analytics

With the explosion in the availability of content, Big Data and Analytics will play a pivotal role in identifying the growth trends of businesses and consumer behavior. This can aid in optimizing marketing spends and boosting business growth.

Revamping your online shopping website in accordance with the latest trends can help you boost your sales. Hire ecommerce developers from Openwave for your revamp operations. We have aided several leading brands in re-orienting their eCommerce business strategies – and can help you as well in building a future-ready store.


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