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5 Ways to Boost MCommerce Sales in the Festive Season

Mobile applications are the number one way for boosting your sales in the holiday season! As app-based commerce makes increasing inroads into the lifestyle of consumers, it is imperative for businesses to pay attention to their app user experience in order to improve sales and widen the scope and reach of the brand. In the holiday season, it is essential that you ensure that your apps are ready to take on the challenge of increased traffic and cater to a large audience.

The following tips are some time-tested ways to increase sales with mobile apps:

Festive Makeover

Hire a dedicated app development team to redesign your app to match the holiday theme. By incorporating the holiday elements into the app, you can encourage your customer to stick around and explore more sections of the app and thereby drive engagement!

Giveaway Prizes

Customers always love to be pampered! A gift with each purchase or a lucky-draw is a great way of generating interest in the brand. Giving away holiday-themed gifts such as toys and relics can boost interest. This can translate into higher sales volumes and improve the revenue.

Deals and Discounts

Offerings discounts is the oldest and the best way of boosting sales around the holiday season! However, with apps, you now get the flexibility to personalize deals and offers on the basis of user preferences! Such customized deals can improve the conversion rates and boost sales.

Games and Contests

Social media is a powerful branding tool that helps generate great awareness about a brand. By running contests and games that are holiday-themed, you can now drive engagement on your brand’s social media pages. User-generated content such as comments and reviews can boost the visibility of your brand and aid in increasing traffic during the holiday season!

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a highly effective promotional tool! Their effectiveness can be attributed to the fact that users spend an average of 4 hours each day on their smartphones and the notifications bar is one of the most commonly accessed screens of the smartphone!

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