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What Makes Node.Js A Popular Runtime Platform For Web App Development?

JavaScript is a very popular name in the tech markets, especially when it comes to web app development. A language used primarily for frontend purposes, JavaScript has quickly become the go-to for backend and cross-platform mobile app development as well.

With JavaScript's beaming popularity, it wasn't going to take long for Node.js to enter the limelight. A runtime environment built on V8, Node.js provides incredible seamlessness when it comes to web application development. Since it was released to the world, Node.js has been the cross-platform development go-to. There a number of benefits it brings to the table that makes it the crowd favorite:

1) Swift Runtime

Google's V8 engines are not to be taken for granted! They offer incredible speed and Node.js excels as a platform due to the excellent compilation speed it has. It compiles JavaScript into native code in a clean and fast manner. As an enterprise, you will be able to ship your product all the more quicker with Node.js powering it up! Along with the time it saves, Node.js also facilitates heavy application development. PayPal, one of the most prominent ventures to run on Node.js, saw a massive drop in response time and was able to handle multiple requests with no hassle.

2) Reusable and Sharable Code

Since Node.js is open-source, it comes with a number of dynamic tools in its arsenal. The Node Package Manager provides this platform with a massive growth. Dependancy management becomes a breeze with the help of NPM. Over 50,000 bundles of provisions are available for programmers to choose from. These provisions can be employed in a number of venues and helps developers share code and reuse it.

3) Best for Real-Time Apps

With real-time web applications becoming a huge fad, Node.js was bound to get popular! Gaming apps and messenger applications have become very popular today, and Node.js is the best platform to facilitate their development. Real-time apps are tricky to develop because they require instant communication between server and client side, and in addition to this, there are multiple users simultaneously accessing both sides. The event-based management happens fluidly on Node.js, allowing multiple users to participate, and ensuring the application functions seamlessly.

4) Unified Codebase

Client-server communication is easier said than done. However, Node.js makes this synchronization easier because both client and server side development is done on JavaScript. This allows code execution to happen on both ends without any lag or discrepancy, making the web development process smoother than ever.

5) Data Streaming

The processing time taken while I/O handling is very clunky with HTTP requests. The reason being that HTTP requests are treated as complete objects, making the entire process slow. Once again, Node.js development comes to your rescue by letting you transcode media files as they are uploaded. This helps make processing times drastically lesser while facilitating real-time media communication in a seamless manner.

6) JavaScript Base

As an enterprise, getting your web application developed on a new framework is going to cost you a lot. However, that's not the case with Node.js. Since it functions with JavaScript as its base, developers have an easier time coding! Most, if not all developers have learnt a bit of JavaScript. This is what makes Node.js the best development platform. It saves you the time of searching for developers acquainted with new languages, and also saves you a good few bucks.

7) Easy to Learn

Running a business is about investing in the right services. When you're getting an application built for your enterprise, you have to treat it as a wise investment. And along with money, even time plays a crucial role here! Node.js allows for client and server sides to share the same development language - JavaScript. This reduces your need to rely on other (more expensive) technologies by a huge amount. And since there are no multiple technologies, you won't be spending on multiple developers! It allows for you to experience full stack development better than ever. Right from reducing coding efforts to providing top-tier functionality, Node.js is win-win on all ends.

8) Large and Friendly Community

An open-source platform means that there will be a huge community behind it, always trying to make it better and keep it up-to-date. Having a community to bank on is great from both developer and business perspective. Developers need not wrack their brains looking for a simple answer to a simple question, and businesses need not spend thousands of dollars more trying to learn an aspect of Node.js they missed out! Along with this, new tools and features are always being added to Node.js and the NPM registry. This helps ensure that the development availed is always fresh and versatile.

9) Incredibly SEO-Friendly

No matter the quality of the website or application, if it isn't optimized to meet search standards, you will have a hard time reaching your users. Web applications developed on Node.js are incredibly fast and of top-tier quality, this helps them rank higher on searches!

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