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Features to Look Before Selecting a Field Service Management Software

With so much variety in the market to choose from, how do FSM businesses today choose the best field service management software for their venture? By ensuring the availability of certain features! There are some essentials that every good field service software should provide its users. In today's era of digitization, field management ventures need to think on their feet. Everything from deployment to billing should be incredibly simple from the user's end, and seamless from the employer's end! This calls for the employment of a good FSM software, and there are certain traits a good one won't fail to have.

Here are 4 essential features to look for in a field service management software:

1) Seamless Job Deployment

The first step towards providing efficient FSM service solutions is by making the job deployment happen swiftly. While many software fumble with this, QuikAllot takes care of job fetching and deployment with ease. By employing outlook integration, it automatically takes customer complaint tickets through emails and generates a deploy request!

2) Efficient Resource Management

Jobs will often require resources; plumbing tasks need pipes, carpentry requirements need nails, etc. These resources can't be borrowed and returned at one's whims and fancies! A good resource management module should be in place to provide field executives with the means to efficiently keep a track of the resources employed.

3) Convenient Client-Side Visuals

As the client, you will be the one handling the software. If it is extremely intricate with several complications, you will have to waste a lot of time learning how to use it! This is why a user-friendly software like QuikAllot fits the role perfectly. This is a tool that hardly takes an hour to perfect, and is the best software for modern field service management firms.

4) Field-Side Provisions

Field executives almost always lose their way to the user's residence, have trouble managing resources and billing. A good field service management software should come with provisions to make the field executives' experience better! QuikAllot comes equipped with geotagging and benefits to make the field user's job easier and better.

The right field service software will come with these benefits and more! QuikAllot, one of the leading FSM tools in the market today, has a number of advantages for the client, customer and field executive to avail. Designed to provide absolute ease of usage, this is the perfect software for your needs. Call us today to book a free demo!

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