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Ready to Tackle Holiday Shoppers? 4 Reasons Why a Mobile App Is a Must

Gone are the days when most of eCommerce sales were from Desktops. Today an army of smartphone users numbering in the millions have emerged on the scene making desktop based eCommerce look like the middle ages. The days when “eCommerce” was the buzzword are now past us. It has since been replaced by “mCommerce”. Shopping apps are here to stay and the fact that it is the holiday season makes it all the more essential for retail establishments to invest in them to make mobile app sales and generate more revenue.

Here are some crucial reasons that make smartphone-based commerce for not such a bad idea after all:

Ubiquity of Smartphones

With the rise in consumer wealth and the decline in their leisure time, an increasing number of smartphone users are looking to accommodate their routine chores such as paying bills, ordering food, shopping for goods, etc., on-the-go. Thanks to high-speed internet connectivity on smartphones, more and more customers are logging on to their favorite retail stores via their mobile browsers and mobile apps.

Apps Retain Customers

Compared to desktop-based eCommerce, app-based eCommerce has shown better results in terms of customer loyalty and sales. This is because apps are highly accessible and are always visible to users when they unlock their smartphones. This brand recall significantly influences customer behavior and motivates them to stick to a brand.

Increases Shopping Time

As mobile apps are handy and comfortable, they are more successful in retaining the attention of shoppers as opposed to online shopping where multiple tabs and ads can increase the bounce rate. This is a key advantage as the more average time customers spend on shopping the likelier they are to purchase a product. This helps boost app sales in the festive season.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are the most effective way to broadcast information to customers. By developing a mobile app for the upcoming holiday season, businesses can convey their deals and discounts directly to the notification bar of their customers. This helps increase the website traffic as more users are likely to get eyeballs on the deals and improve conversion rates.

If this convinces you of the need for smartphone based apps, get started today with Openwave, a mobile application development company in Malaysia that can set you up with a mobile app well ahead of the holiday season.

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