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The Digital Marketing Checklist that Will Help You Generate More Leads in 2017

The number of internet users is through the roof – over 3 billion people use it now in some way – and promoting online has become crucial to the success of every business Your digital marketing strategy this New Year, in 2017, will play a significant role in how well your business performs this year.

Given below is our official digital marketing checklist for 2017. It covers the most salient points that you have to address this year for maximum success in generating new leads:

Shoring up Your Foundation

Your first step should be to see which strategies worked in 2016 and what you can do to replicate your success again this year. Shore up your foundation by discarding strategies that didn’t work and by improving those that did.

Improving Search Engine Optimization

Boost your search engine optimization by revamping your website and ensuring it is complying with Google's guidelines. Also, utilize responsive design for an automatic increase in SEO rankings.

Creating Better Content

Create engaging, viral content to catch and hold the audience’s attention. You should use videos, blogs, animations, infographics, and other content to put your business out there.

Provide Personalized Emails

Provide personalised emails to your customers, with unique offers that will get them to click your email and travel to your site. The goal is to include active CTAs with them.

Sharing on Social Media Sites

Social media should form a core part of your marketing strategy. Social media not only helps you educate your existing customers and engage them better, but it also helps you find more clients with little to no investment on your part.

Personalizing Advertisements

We are in the era of personalization. Your advertisements should be personalised, and the medium could be social media sites, texts, emails, or apps. The goal is to offer the right ad to the right person at the right time to lure them to your site.

Measuring Analytics

Finally, your digital marketing strategy won’t succeed without regular performance testing. Use A/B testing and analytics tools to improve your SEO, find what’s working, and tweak where necessary.

Don’t skimp on your marketing efforts – they can make or break your business. Being creative never hurts when it comes to promotions, but make sure that you have the basics covered by following this list to have a stable formation on which your strategy can rest.

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